About Takeshi Minagawa

Takeshi Minagawa graduated from Toyo-Shinkyu College of Acupuncture (Tokyo,JAPAN) in 1997 and has been practicing in Fukuoka since 2004.

He is also a fully certified acupuncturist and Japan Sport Association Certified Athletic Trainer; JSPO-AT, and Registered Pharmacy Technician.

Massage therapy is a preventive measure against sports injuries, such as back pain and knee pain, from the general public to professional athletes, mainly actors.

Our sports massage is to improve not only the body but also the quality of exercise such as balance and flexibility according to purpose.

Many of the injuries are not just accidental ones, they use the wrong body. In addition to acupuncture and massage, we encourage them to notify themselves and encourage them to improve self-healing abilities.

Words through the body are also exercise. Rather than extracting only knowledge and thinking from the head alone, by exchanging the body you can return the original meaning to its original meaning and live by it.

I am pleased if you can be happy through my work.

Thank you.

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